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October 12th Kefeider will release his first official single "Raven For a Dove". It's the first song off of his debut EP, which will be released in March 2019. He recorded it in a closed insulation plant on Alna in Oslo with Øyvind Blomstrøm (Monica Heldal) on guitar, Tor Egil Kreken (Darling West) on the bass guitar and Thomas Gallatin (Daniel Kvammen) on drums.
1. Raven for a Dove 00:02:58
Main artist Kefeider
Composer Vetle Ulvund Løvgaard
Author Vetle Ulvund Løvgaard
Performers Øyvind Blomstrøm | Tor Egil Kreken | Thomas Gallatin | Vetle Ulvund Løvgaard
Producers Kai Worley | Vetle Ulvund Løvgaard