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Ljungblut originally started out as a solo project from Seigmen / Zeromancer bass player and main songwriter Kim Ljung, but it soon evolved into a full band. In November, they're set to release “Villa Carlotta 5959” - the sixth Ljungblut album, and the last in a trilogy of albums with Norwegian lyrics. “Hasselblad”, the first single from this album, is about the 12 Hasselblad cameras left behind on the surface of the Moon. Recorded live in studio, mixed by Alex Møklebust (Seigmen / Zeromancer). Features Erik Ljunggren (A-Ha, Zeromancer) on a variety of vintage, analogue synths.
1. Hasselblad 00:03:59
Main artist Ljungblut
Composer Kim Ljung Andresen
Author Kim Ljung Andresen
Performers Kim Ljung Andresen | Dan Andre Heide Syversen | Sindre Pedersen | Joakim Brendsrød | Ted Skogmann | Erik Ljunggren
Producers Ljungblut | Alex Møklebust | Terje Johannesen