Alexander K. Lykke artist

Alexander K. Lykke is a Norwegian musician whose musical beginnings were with Nidarosdomens Guttekor and various band projects in Trondheim. In 2007, Lykke joined a band which would become the progressive metal outfit Vicinity. Living in Oslo, working with various projects, pub singing and cover bands, Lykke kept playing with Vicinity, and this has resulted in three releases: Diffusion of Innovation EP (2008), Awakening (2013) and Recurrence (2017). Another notable project Lykke has been involved with, is the hard rock band Molten Gold. The band started performing together in 2016, and issued its first release, an eponymous EP Molten Gold in 2017. In addition to his work with bands, Lykke does solo work with composition and performance. In this respect, the chorals Hjarahljóð are worth mentioning. The chorals were composed and recorded for “The Frostrune” a game by Grimnir Media. Hjarahljóð is the only release where Lykke combines his background as a linguist and Old Norse philologist in making music: The titles and lyrics are in Old Norse, written in Old Norse poetic metre. Furthermore, the only instruments on Hjarahljóð are a choir of vocals and a simple drum, making it easy to see the connection all the way back to Nidarosdomens Guttekor in Alexander’s musical beginnings.