Aksel Kolstad artist

Aksel Kolstad, born 1981 in Oslo – Norway, completed his bachelor degree under Prof. Sigurd Slåttebrekk at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo in 2006. He completed his master degree at the same adacemy and also with Prof Slåttebrekk, performing George Gershwin´s piano concertos. Kolstad begun takeing piano-lessons when he was four years old. When he turned twelve the legendary professor Eva Sandvik Stugu embraced him and made sure he got everything he needed to develop his talent, until the end of his teenage years. Kolstad has performed in most of the biggest chambermusic festivals in Norway and has also performed much in Estonia and Russia, where he has had a lot of TV and radio performances as well. He had his debut concert in Carnegie Hall in October 2010 with a full house and a standing ovation. Kolstad studied composition with Wolfgang Plagge and has since the age of 17 performed his own virtuoso works for piano solo in many countries all over the world already. He has also conducted many of his orchestral works. Kolstad opened the world´s first classical concert café, Café de Concert, in Oslo in 2009. Today it has become his atelier where hundreds of people gather to see him perform. American press has called him “The New Victor Borge”. Swedish press has called him “The Franz Liszt of our time”. “The Franz Liszt of our time” – Göteborgsposten “Classical pioneer” – Dagsavisen “Kolstad´s Gershwin performances are brilliant” Tønsberg blad “The New Norwegian Victor Borge” – Jeffrey Gurian, comedy writer “Quentin Tarantino of classical music” – Fredrikstad blad “Aksel Kolstad is an internationally acclaimed Norwegian pianist and stand-up comedian. Aksel is a classical rebell. He wants to make a cultural revolution. He fears nobody, and includes everyone. He is probably the most fit pianist in the world, as he puts ithimself: I may not the the world´s greatest pianist of all time, but I certainly may be the most fit classical pianist.Aksel loves to improvise live on stage and writes as easily for large ochestras as well as for piano solo. He puts together orchestras, writes for them, and conducts them. But what Aksel does which sometimes amazes the audience the most is that he turns the concert in to a story-telling magical moment.” - Cappuccino Concerts, Perth, Australia