Anders Somby artist

This is the long awaited debut album of guitar player Anders SOMBY - long awaited, because the music has been recorded during the past 25 years! A tribute to the early jazz guitar pioneer Robert Normann (1916-1998). The sami guitar player SOMBY, originally from Alta in the Arctic, was early attracted to the guitar music of Robert Normann, whose finger picking style was considered "impossible" to play by others. Somby, however, broke the code, and wrote down all of Robert Normann's music, which was published in Robert Normann's biography ("Tusenkunstneren fra Sundl√łkka", Jon Larsen 2016). Meanwhile Anders Somby matured into a composer in his own right, and here on his debut album we can hear no less than 17 previously unpublished Anders Somby originals. The majority of the tracks are "trick" recordings (where Somby plays all instruments) or demo recordings, sketches for a future album that never happened. The music is in a forgotten style, part jazz part easy listening and part classical - made popular by Robert Normann in the 1940s and 50s. Enjoy these treasures from the Hot Club Recods Archive. Presented by Hot Club Records - premium gypsy jazz since 1982.