5alad artist

5alad (english) “5alad (pronounced like “Salad”) is the parallel project of Joan Malé (more known as Monoceros) using “obsolete” machines, that has been developing at the same time as the “ebay” orchestra has been growing. A project that in fact started in a tender age nearly 82-83 with a Commodore 64 and a Casio vl-tone. Closing the circle (or nearly), some years after, with the releasing of 3 EPs that was taking form to the actual low fi. sound, recorded and sampled from many 80″ systems, and looking for a real retro sound. 5alad released a track at Discontinu records 004# (2009), a collaboration with Anorak in his “Neighbourhood Postcards” (2009), and a track in the compilation “Música per a la pau”. His debut album “Low res. graphics” has been released in 2010 in CDr and DVDr formats.” Monoceros (english) “Monoceros is Joan Malé. He lives in St Martí d´Empúries, a little town in Catalonia, in the north of Spain. He has released many albums, Ep´s and tracks on Expanding Records, Phonobox, Sutemos, Cocoon, Discontinu, etc. as well as remixing and collaborating on other projects. He performed in Sonar 2005 after the release of his debut album under the name Monoceros, “When i was a child i wanted to be an astronaut” on Expanding Records, and performed later in London, Finland, Apolo in Barcelona among other places. Joan started his own label Imaginary Nonexistent Records, home to his latest work, with the aim of promote his own and other artists music.”