Albany Lore artist

Albany Lore is the project of Cape Town-based musician Matthew Rightford, who was also the co-founder of music agency naas where he worked with artists like Card On Spokes, Thor Rixon and Maramza. Drawing on this experience, as well as a myriad of influences ranging from jazz, soul, hip-hop and funk through to disco, house, techno and gqom, Albany Lore is the expression of the journey taken to internalise and reshape all of the sounds that Matthew loves. The aim is to never be constrained by a particular sound, but rather to express sentiments and observations of life in a way that avoids nothing except for feeling contrived. ‘Rest Easy, Genie’, somewhat of an ode to the late Robin Williams (Genie) whose speech in a 1978 stand-up skit inspired some of the lyrics, follows on from his debut release ‘The Cynic’s Surrender’ with a light-hearted and swanky cosmic R&B jam to get back into the swing of things.