AB.Y.SS artist

Byron Williams a/k/a AB.Y.SS was born & raised in Bridgeport, CT. AB.Y.SS developed a serious love for writing in high school. The artist says, “Being able to express my emotions on paper uninterrupted is like therapy for me”. – AB.Y.SS Not only was AB.Y.SS a writer, he was also very athletic as a student. With his favorite pass time being basketball; it was only obvious that he pursued a career in the sport. After an unfortunately brief stint as a starting point guard in college; a very disappointed AB.Y.SS turns to the streets. He soon became a product of the corners of Fifth Street (a/k/a Bloody Fifth) and Stratford Avenue; notoriously known for its drugs, violent crimes and the crime scene for many murders. Although the streets were now his employment, he still managed to hold on to his passions and first loves, writing and music. Heavily influenced by other local Hip Hop groups known as: “CT Kartel”, “The Lost Boys” and “The Fatigue League”. AB.Y.SS is keeping himself very busy these days with both writing and recording. He has written and produced several music videos, directed by Edwin Escobar of “Edwin Escobar Films”. He has been a featured artist in a variety of projects and is currently putting the finishing touches on his first album “Independence Day/ My Audio-Biography”. Also to his credit he has some major league collaborations added to his resume. He has worked with the legendary artist “Scarface”, “Trae tha Truth”, “Yo Gotti”, “Brian Angel” ( of “Day 26”) and also has a close working relationship with the MixKing Dj Ron G out of Harlem, NY. AB.Y.SS is also a featured artist on Mtv Jams, Mtv.com and Vh1.com with his video "LOVE" ft. Brian Angel.