Alexander Jenkins artist

Alex has been working diligently in the indie realm for a long time. His massive catalog of songs is a testament to his prolific creative efforts. A vast array of electronic influences populates his music, and they are mated with supple strains of organic instrumentation (and, sometimes, vocalizations). Alex covers an amazing gamut of styles all uniquely related via his distinctive musical signature. Sometimes Alex employs organic undercover, in which he uses non-electronic-sounding elements to drive a very electronic style and vintage new age electronics and modern ambient flair with strings-ish melodies that merge seamlessly into the futuristic soundscape. He also has his purified electronica expressions. Take, for example, his mesmerizing space music venture haunted by almost erotic, wordless female vocals. Alex can deliver wickedly hypnotic chillout or he can offer up pace-making tracks with hook. His blur of organic and electronic is so smooth it leaves the listener unsure where one ends and the other begins. Much of his music is endowed with transcendent, mystic overtones fully capable of inducing an out-of-body experience. From one surprise to the next, Alex’s body of work is an impressive ode to musicianship and songwriting with few peers. He is an undiscovered jewel bringing robustness to soundtracks. His wide-ranging compositional skills make him a go-to man for any musical niche that needs filling. Alex has been creating music since 1990. Alex describes his music as a journey through time, space, and darkness. And he continues to create what he calls “the despairing, gloomy music of Alexander Jenkins. “I do have some happier moods … but only when I feel happier!” One more piece of evidence pointing to the broad scope of his music – not only in terms of style but in terms of mood and atmosphere. Alex is truly multi-dimensional. As of May 2014 Alex has almost eight hundred original songs.