Peter Martinsson Group artist

Peter Martinsson Group (or PMG for short) is a musical project that started in 2011 and is run by and featuring the guitarist Peter Martinsson and the drummer Ulf Becker. Their music is generally instrumental and is indeed a good catch for lovers of electric and instrumental guitar music. The music spans from heavy rock over the blues to the jazz fusion. For guitar lovers that would like to extend their collection with another great and broad musician, PMG is indeed a valuable choice. Peter Martinsson is certainly in line with great guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Steve Lukather just to mention a few. Their first album ‘Guitar State of Mind’ was released 2012 at the American label Grooveyard Records. An album where also Per-Martin Petersson was part playing the bass. In 2014 their second CD album ‘No Grey’ was issued but was however re-released as 'No Grey - Second Edition' in 2016 as an improved digital edition. Since 2015 two old playmates was brought in the band, Tommy Gustavsson on keyboards and Kent Sandelius who plays the bass. Just to broaden the process creating and arranging new music, Peter says. Peter Martinsson was one of the members of the cult band Plebb and he also founded the band Purple Haze with Ulf Becker and Tommy Gustavsson.