Alexander Vasiliou artist

Multitalanted Alexander Vasiliou is despite his young age already a well-known face from television, both in Sweden and abroad. Among others, he has appeared on the TV-channel Nickelodeon where he performed as a singer, dancer, illusionist and program /tour host for several years. After a few educational teenage years of work combined with fun for Nickelodeon, Alexander grew up from being a child star to a young man, choosing a solo career. His music is an exciting crossover mix between chill-out music, stadium-house and garage rock. As the experienced stage performer he is, his spectacular show will be out of the ordinary, where his many talents will come to use as a singer, dancer and illusionist. By his side you will also find a tough female rock guitarist, seasoning the dance floor’s friendly beats with steaming rock riffs. His first single "Children of tomorrow" released in the authum last year. The song was hailed on the internet on blogs and newspapers in Sweden and Norway, especially for the particular mix of genres. One of the reviews read - ”As odd as it is however, its the post-chorus which leaves the biggest impression on you. Its arrival an absolute WTF moment”. The song was one of the most shared in Sweden and ended up at Spotifys rating "Viral 50" and the video was number 1 several weeks at The follow-up single is released April 29 and is called "Game Changer" and it’s maybe even more clear regarding the mix of his genres. The first time it will be performed is on a big showcase at Café Opera in Stockholm April 7. Alexander Vasiliou’s name has made many open their eyes a little extra. A worldwide interest is already shown. “Only imagination can put a stop to you” - is his motto and as Alexander has a very big imagination there is nothing that can stop him!