AKB artist

In 2015, the seed that would grow to be the solo project AKB, was planted. The desire of an outpost where the own expression and creativity could strike root had beginning to grow strong and when an invitation came to the annual Vindöga Festival in Sandviken, it felt as if it came as a well-timed starting shot on a wondrous adventure. The inspiration comes mostly from an almost childlike fascination with sound waves, its origin and character, their abstract aspect and how it’s possible to change them infinitely. An manic search for patterns where there are none, is ever present. The music can be described as instrumental cosmic ambient, with sweeping synths, rolling arpeggios and fuzzy space passages. Clarinets and synths are crowded with effects and pedals, in an effort to lose track of time and to try to place the mind somewhere in between the ambient waves. Behind the name AKB resides instrumentalist Anna-Karin Berglund from Gävle. Anna-Karin has spent the past decade in folk-pop band Twiggy Frostbite, which has toured across Sweden and Asia, as well as released two full length albums. She also has appeared as live musician for duo The Deer Tracks on numerous tours around the world. Now it's finally time for her to stand on her own and the first step will be taken on April 1, 2016 when debut EP "Söndagsbarn" is released on Gävle-based record label Lamour Records.