Bisse artist

Denmark has raised a groundbreaking performer and a very unique songwriter whose work is full of brains, bite, and brimming over with energy. Beneath the alias ”Bisse” (meaning: rascal or scallywag) we find 29 year old Thorbjørn Radisch; a young man who has recently released 5 albums of exceptional quality over a period of just 18 months. He first stepped into the public arena with his so-called ”Blood trilogy”, a cycle of 3 albums that pass through 3 states: ”our bodies”, ”our emotions”, and “our society”. These wild confrontational songs are full of secretions, heartbreak and, on the third and final album ”Happy Meal”, blood flows in the streets. The Bisse phenomenon is best-experienced live, one minute he’ll be gasping and moaning in your ear, the next he’ll be screaming in your face, like a shaman with direct contact to both heaven and hell. The critics have compared him to everything from a dark young Nick Cave to the androgynous, self promotional Bowie, but in reality Bisse defies genre-pigeonholing, what he does however, is deliver the whole shebang. When asked Bisse himself cites the Danish singer-songwriter C.V. Jorgensen as his chief source of inspiration. Bisse’s big breakthrough to a larger audience came with the release of his double album ”Højlandet” (The Highlands) last autumn. The album was voted ”Album of the year” by Politiken, Denmark’s biggest newspaper, and he even started making an impression abroad, with a review in the French newspaper ”Le Monde”. In Norway, the celebrated writer Thomas Espedal, declared Bisse’s single ”Seks Hjerter” (Six hearts) to be the simply best song of 2016. Times like these are well suited to an artist of Bisse’s caliber, it seems there are no limits for what he can achieve with his music. In his review of Bisse’s recent Copenhagen concert, the grand old man of Danish music journalism, Klaus Lynggaard, called on us to embrace him: ”By God, we desperately need someone who dares to be way over the top, exposing themselves completely openly, scratching our faces with their naked souls till we bleed, monstrously musical and sharply intellectual. The times are ready for Bisse. Are you?”