Adrian Tkalčec artist

Adrian Tkalčec is a 21 year old Australian living and studying in Croatia. With a diverse musical background, he has been playing the guitar for 8 years and just started learning the didgeridoo. Heavily influenced by rock and metal, he played for a few metal bands, but he found his soul in ambient/psychedelic music. A big inspiration came from the music of Estas Tonne and Pink Floyd from which he learned and developed his own style of playing. The goal of Adrian’s music is mostly to emphasize the beauty of the guitar, the perfection of its tone and sound. But also it will take you on a journey through life, from birth to death, from happiness to sadness and fear, from losing a loved one, breaking up with a lover to complete freedom and utter indescribable states of mind and a complete change of consciousness. Other than music he writes poetry and his philosophy on life, occupied with painting, reading books, stock investing and entrepreneurship.