1000facez artist

1000facez' history begins around 2013, when two friends, Lega and Denis, decided to form an acoustic duo, just for fun, but with a distinctive rough and angry sound. The result was an acoustic punk-reggae-country salad. At the time, the acoustic sound was, kind of, outdated, so, after a while, it was decided to make a turn towards electronic music. The outcome could be, more or less, categorized as an unique integration of EDM elements into punk rock and pop music with the combination of clean and screamed vocals. In August 2014, they released the "Glossiness" single together with a band from St. Petersburg, Anonyms. Later that year, in October, "Robokingdom" is being released, their first EP. Here are a few words about it from Neufutur Magazine: "1000facez has just released a collection of their songs with the Robokingdom EP; during the album's five cuts, listeners will be provided with considerable variation in overall sound. The one thing that is constant from beginning to end is how fleshed-out the tracks are; this is a cohesive and a coherent effort from stem to stern. Robokingdom is a track that links together goth, industrial, and alternative rock into a frenetic and energetic effort". That same year, Lega and Denis met the third member of the band, Jack the drummer. This is when 1000facez make a confident decision in favor of a heavier sound, by getting rid of part of the EDM samples and by implementing the spirit of 70-80's into their songwriting process in small doses.