Manus Bell artist

Manus Bell is a raptivist. With a strong sense of indignation and a phenomenal flow, he uses Hip Hop to convey his view of the world. His deep and recognizable voice contains a sincerity that draws the listener into his serious themes, and with more than a hundred concerts, an album, an EP and a several singles on his CV, Manus Bell has made a strong impact on the Danish Hip Hop scene. Today he is recognized in the environment as one of few Danish rappers with potential for an international breakthrough and has attracted interest outside Denmark's borders with praise from American rappers such as Jedi Mind Tricks, MURS and R.A. The Rugged Man. As a self-taught producer, Manus Bell composes most of his own music and has created a progressive sound universe, using dusty Jazz samples and live horns to compliment the heavy, driving drums. This combination gives a nuanced and melodic feeling, while maintaining the power of Boom Bap Hip Hop - a sound that, like the lyrics, resonates with sincerity. Manus Bell is signed by the independent record label, Affiliated.