Hedda & Line artist

 Hedda Holmberg and Line Jonsdotter were spending a creative childhood in Knivsta (located north of Stockholm). Ever since they sung, played instruments and wrote songs together. With many musicians in the family it came very natural for these two cousins to ​​develop their way into making music. At the age of only 6 years they wrote their first song together during Christmas holidays at their grandparents home. Since then, music and songwriting has been a great passion for the two Swedish girls. At the age of 10, they began to perform at smaller events and parties with acoustic guitars and their beautiful vocal harmonies. In order to spread their music, they started a YouTube Channel (named Hedda & Line) where they still today load up both cover versions, self composed songs and other video stuff. Parallel to their interest in music HEDDA & LINE have developed a great interest in dancing and choreography. Currently the girls from Knivsta are participating in a scholarship at the Norby Dance Studio, where they practice everything from Jazz and Ballet over to Tap Dance as well as Hip Hop. 
 The girls have even taken classes from some of Sweden's most successful dancers and choreographers in Uppsala, Stockholm and as far away as at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. Due to their dynamic and inventive hip-hop choreographies they have won Swedish dance competitions like e.g. “Skapa Dans” and “Danskarusellen”. Just Hip Hop is the dance style that HEDDA & LINE feel most for, something that becomes evident when you have a look into their YouTube Channel. Hedda’s and Line’s participation on countless dance activities and gigs on stage has formed both girls to professional an self-safe stage personalities. For example, have they lately performed with Swedish star artists like Samir and Viktor, Panetoz and Oscar Sia also on Swedish TV. HEDDA & LINE say that desire to combine the fine acoustic music with the rough and cocky from Hip Hop as it has always surrounded and attracted them. It probably sounds like a “Mission impossible” to combine these two totally different styles from two completely different worlds, however, these two girls are not backing when it becomes difficult. If it's something they've become known for so it's that they are creative, driven and girls with a vision.