Pattesutter artist

From Aarhus' underground to being discovered by one of Denmark's leading rap-labels, Lil Label, on Soundcloud, the rapper Pattesutter is joining forces with the rest of the team consisting of Emil Stabil, Young Bong and Lil Producer. Pattesutter quickly caught the attention of rap underground with his uncompromising music, which is a mixture of trance-like, trap-hip hop production combined with his unique and playful rhymes always being provocative while delivering the lyrics with ease, ''I freestyle all my lyrics - I hate to think about if it sounds cool or not, it just have to sound cool when I freestyle it.'' Pattesutter also produces all of his own music, and with his first two official double-single has streamed extremely well for a newcomer, proving he is ready to take his underground cult status and make it to the mainstream music scene.