1816 artist

1816 is a new Norwegian alternative pop band consisting of two renowned and experienced jazz musicians—Audun Ellingsen (double bass) and Wenche Losnegård (vocals). 1816 has shaped a fresh and unique voice within the alternative pop genre. The year 1816 is also famously known as the Year Without a Summer, which has inspired both the sound and lyrical universe of the band. 1816 line-up is strengthened by cellist Gregor Riddell (Radiohead) and drummer Erik Nylander (Ola Kvernberg Trio, Kirsti Huke Quartet) + various guests. Having created a breed of chamber pop both stripped down and richly layered, 1816 builds on the band members’ broad musical background. This makes the live performance a characteristic and captivating experience. 1816 wishes to comfort and disturb, please and torment. The band seeks to express music with depth and quality that can reach wide—but at the same time, leave little room for audiences to feel indifferent.