Erika artist

Erika was born on a cold winter night in the town of Skellefteå, Sweden where she started her first band at 12 years old. As a teenager she relocated to Stockholm where she continued to form, write music and record demos with various rockbands. In the late 1980's she began dating guitarguru Yngwie Malmsteen whom she later married. The couple divides their time between their apartmemt in Stockholm, and bought Ten Oaks Mansion in Miami Shores, Florida, the house where Yngwie still resides. In 1989 Erika got an offer for a record deal and Erika co- wrote and recorded her debutalbum" Cold winter night". The album went tripple platinum(today's standard) and had a number one- and several top ten hits. This was followed by two sold out tours where several shows had to be cut short due to the crowds forcing through the crush barriers. In 1992 Erika got homesick, divorced Yngwie and returned to her beloved Stockholm. Erika's second album " In the arms of a stranger" also produced several hits and a sold out tour. Her third album "Lady Luck" (1993) . It contained the hitsong "Lost in paradise", a duet with Jan Johansen. Erika released her fourth album " Planet X" in 1997 and the her fifth album "Ripe" in 1998 . In 2016 Erika released her sixth album, " Deaf, dumb & blonde" Incl. work from several well known musicians from bands such as Europe, In Flames and Candlemass. Today Erika also co-hosts the successful rock podcast Rock Böttom together with author Anders Tengner.