1912 artist

1912 are an electronic/synthpop act from Stavanger, Norway, formed in 2011 by brothers Sindre and Rasmus Husebø. The duo have gained a reputation for their explosive live shows, such as their performances at Numusic 2013, Lydbølger 2014, Elektrostat 2014 and Perkapella 2015. 'The impact from the vibrancy of their music is of such a high standard that they do not put a foot wrong. What you find here is a band who are very much at the top of their game. The balance between retro and chic is one that is orchestrated with the utmost integrity. There is nothing to find fault with here....in fact our advice is to sit back and get lost in the music. Which you will probably be helpless against doing anyway. Truly outstanding stuff.' -U&I Music Magazine