A-L Caliste artist

A-L Caliste was born in New Orleans 9th Ward as the second youngest of ten siblings. Growing up in the poor areas of New Orleans A-L got to experience poverty, violence and substance abuse first hand at an early age, a perspective that is explicitly expressed in the vivid story telling nature of his music today. With the encouragement of his older brothers he started writing lyrics at an early age and with Soulja Slim as one of his main idols we was determined to make a musical career. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina ravished the gulf coast and the next day the flood waters advanced higher and higher. A-L and his family was forced to uproot the only home that they knew. They moved to Jacksonville Florida by his older brother. In Jacksonville he used music as a form of dealing with being home sick. The experience of living in Florida inadvertently broadened his scope on music. Simply interacting with other young people from different races but, all from the same economically disadvantage backgrounds each sharing their various music taste and regional styles of music that A-L observed. Before then all he ever listened to was New Orleans artists with the exception of Nas, Tupac and Biggie. After two years in Florida the family had moved back to New Orleans and resettled in New Orleans East where A-L began to experiment with different depths of his writing styles. Back in New Orleans he started making music with a tight circle of friends and formed the rap crew SRG (StreetRidahGang). After years of developing his own style and mentored by his cousin, European platinum certified producer M Caliste, A-L is ready. With close friends tragically killed or locked up he is more determined than ever to create a brighter future for both himself, his family and his friends.