Alejandro Bento artist

Alejandro Bento is a composer born in Spain and currently based in Javea, a costal town in the same country. Coming from a family of artistic legacy, he grew up painting with his father, Oscar Bento, a well known Argentinean artist. He is a self taught pianist, yet he was traditionally trained in music from a young age. He started in the local conservatory with wind instruments, percussion and bass, taking trumpet first and evolving to saxophone. Later in his life he studied sound engineering in CEV BCN, where he deepened his passion for electronic music and music synthesis. He spent some years djing and producing a wide range of electronic music, eventually finding his roots in techno. This path eventually took him to Berlin, the mecca of the genre where he lived and created for 3 years. That time served him well and eventually returned to his home town where he was reunited with his beloved piano he’d grown up with. A deep need to take a break from the machine, a natural evolution in his composition and a series of life events drove him to devote time in the studio focusing solely on this instrument. His current release on Subtempo, “Ripples”, is the result of that time of exploration and refinement. His long standing friendship of over 27 years with label founder Rocco Tyndale brought forth this project, his debut as a composer under his own name as well as the label’s first release. The EP consists of 3 songs, Heartbeat, Mar and Rain and includes a bonus track, a remix by the talented Red Bull Music Academy alumni and Project Mooncircle’s prodigious child, Robot Koch. “Ripples” is Alejandro Bento’s solo piano work, three pieces t.5hat take us through a wide variety of landscapes, tempos and rhythms heavily influenced by dance music. The simplicity of the music exists in contrast to the wide emotional arc of the record. An innocent yet fully embodied piece, this record is an honest and profound approach to Bento’s inner landscape. In the artist’s own words: “These songs speak of origins and horizons, but above all, they speak of love, friendship and affection, of presence and joy. They speak of following the pulse of the heart and of trust, in one’s self and in others.”