Abbe May artist

SOUL-GOSPEL-ELECTRO-BLUEZ ARTIST, ABBE MAY, IS ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S MOST RESPECTED SONGWRITERS AND PERFORMERS. Her live performances are passionate, intense and sexual. Many consider Abbe May to be one of Australia’s most versatile and dynamic vocalists. Her catalogue of songs about love and lust would almost be romantic if it weren’t for the vitriol. Abbe spent her late teens and early twenties in Australia’s sleaziest rock venues, busted up studios and unreliable tour vans in various solo and band incarnations. With sly humour, Abbe graduated from her critically acclaimed early explorations of rock and blues to become a guitar-slinging, beat driven performer with an atmospheric cocktail of sexy, indie riff-rock, gospel, soul and electronica. A prolific and powerful artist, Abbe grew up on the coast of Western Australia and continues to base her work there. She has toured her music extensively in Australia and is currently working to develop international audiences with a forthcoming album, loosely titled “Bitchcraft.” Abbe’s album Design Desire was released in July 2011 to great acclaim, enjoying feverish radio support for the singles ‘Mammalian Locomotion’, ‘Taurus Chorus’ and title track ‘Design Desire’. The album was a finalist for the Australian Music Prize and nominated for ‘Best Independent Album’ at the 2011 AIR Awards, where Abbe was also nominated for ‘Best Independent Artist’.. In 2013 she decided to trade in the guitar dominance and swampy blues of her previous albums for drum machine driven electronica with the release of her album Kiss My Apocalypse. A complete change from previous work, and certainly a risky move by the artist, the album was once again greeted with critical and commercial acclaim. This is part of what is so loved about Abbe - she’s daring, she delivers the unexpected, she’s unashamedly sexy and takes you on a personal, uncensored exploration with her songs. Her bold move definitely paid off with ‘Kiss My Apocalypse’ not disappointing with 4 & 5 Star reviews from Australian and international media, and charted #1 AIR album , #4 iTunes Alternative, #24 iTunes Australian and #17 ARIA Australian Album. Kiss My Apocalypse was also long shortlisted in the 2013 AMP Award. Abbe has since taken some time off to travel and recuperate after such an intense run of releases and is currently putting the finishing touches on her fourth studio album, a heady mix of Soul, Gospel, RnB and Electronica. Most recently Abbe has released two singles – the confronting “Are We Flirting” and now the very pointed “Doomsday Clock” which have had massive airplay support from alternative radio, in particular from both Double J and Triple J in Australia. Her as yet unreleased song “Seventeen”, was shortlisted in the prestigious 2016 Vanda And Young Song Competition and “Doomsday Clock” picked up song of the year at the 2016 West Australian Music Awards (WAMIs). There is great expectation for her next release expected in late March 2017. REVIEWS “Lady can shred.....this is all out rock’n'roll interspersed with blues, slide guitar, piano balladry and a sinewy darkness throughout” - Zan Rowe (Triple J Mag) “Abbe May’s Design Desire makes intelligent rock anything but a misnomer. It’s powerful and daring and asks that you pay attention, without having to yell its intentions at you. It’s as good an album as was made anywhere in the world last year” – Bernard Zuel (SMH) "Hands down, Perth blues rocker Abbe May has the best female voice in Australia’ - Drum Media (Aus) “May chucks a musical U-turn, indulging in a joy of sex and synths. It’s dirty, flirty and dark” - 4/5 STARS - WHO Magazine “Abbe May plays a scorching guitar. She is the f**king shit” - Nic Harcourt (MTV US) "Abbe May is a black sheep in a pop paddock groaning with nice girls" - 4/5 STARS - The Age "This ominous and sexy LP, marks an exciting progression for May. It is clearly impossible to draw comparisons to Design Desire, but what is constant throughout Abbe’s recordings is an unmistakeable sex appeal, and chaotic honesty." 8/10 -The Au Review