ViVii artist

With fuzzy guitars and floating voices, ViVii is something fragile and magical. ViVii is a duo consisting of the spouses Emil and Caroline. Emil and Caroline met at a summer camp in their adolescent and fell in love. Since that day, the couple has been inseparable. They shortly thereafter started their first band together. As newlyweds, they went on honeymoon to NYC for an indefinite period. After a few months they ran out of money. At the same time, Emil gets street casted as a model, which means they can stay a little longer. During this time he gets to work with a few of the big photographers. One evening, at a club in Soho, they were suddenly introduced to the black American gospel in a intensive way. An unexpected meeting at the messy club led to a new musical foundation. As the only white they soon toured with a black choir from Camden, New Jersey. For a year they lived tight with the black subculture of the ghetto, far from the Swedish quiet forests. Once back in Sweden, new dreams and ideas emerged to create something of their own. For a couple of years, the duo have been working in the studio creating new music with a Scandinavian sad edge. Now the songs are done and ViVii are ready to share them. Their debut single 'Siv (You and I) will be released March 23rd and May 25th their 'Savant EP' will be released on Dumont Dumont (Charlie Cunningham, RY X, Josin and Sean Christopher).