Tarick artist

The young talent, Tarick is well on his way to establishing himself as a solid artist on the Danish Hip Hop scene. You are instantly caught by the sentiment of Tarick's sound-scape, creating a sense of awe in the audience. Tarick flows between heavy, bouncy Hip Hop bangers and more laid back electronic tunes, always in perfect harmony with the leading vocal. With a holistic approach to making music, he ensures that the lyrics and compositions are interdependent and compliment each other to form a unique expression, unfolding his honest worldview. Tarick was born to entertain and has an extraordinary ability to seize his audience with a captivating presence, both on and off the stage. He’s always ready to grab the microphone for a good old-fashioned freestyle and he has a notorious reputation in the environment when it comes to improvised rap. This also relates to Tarick's engaging personality and compelling rhetoric, which makes him who he is. Tarick is signed by the independent record label, Affiliated.