Adari artist

Adari ( Daria Tamara Rac ) is a singer and songwriter, born 4.3.1977 in Poland ( Lodz ) . Her mother was a piano teacher so she was surrounded with music from her early childhood. As a two- years old , she moved with her family to Croatia where she grow up, finished her schooling, and where today she works as a music teacher. Her older brother was playing drums so when he became a member of a local rock bands so she started to hangout with a band members, coming to their rehearsals and, from time to time, singed some back vocals. Through all that time she was writing some music of her own but kept it in a drawer. She likes to say that her songs are description of her soul, ‘cos every song has some deeper meaning for her , and has a reason for formation. From 2010. she starts to collaborate with some local musicians and producers adding to her songs final form. She also starts to perform as Adari. In 2014 her song Hurry up was recognized by some Irish producers and musicians ( Rupert Hine , Alan McGee, Neil McCormic ) and was invited to Youbloom festival at Dublin. Adari is anagram of her name. By that name she was listed in her spouse mobile.