Nordgarden artist

“The closest a new Norwegian songwriter has come the timeless qualities of Ryan Adams”, VG, Stein Ostbo Since his childhood Nordgarden has been a devoted fan of Bruce Springsteen. During a concert at Valle Hovin, Oslo in 1993 after almost four hours of rock ́n roll the revelation was complete and Norgarden was determined that music would also be his path. With the years the inspiration and influences have come with several bands and artist, but his main input has coherently been songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, Ryan Adams and Paul Curreri – where the lyrics, the story, the melody and the communication of the song plays the deepest of importance. The musical path of Nordgarden initially takes direction at Sunnhordland Folkehogskule in 1998 on the West Coast of Norway, where he studies music and classic guitar for a year. After a year in Oslo, doing civil service – instead of obligatory military service - working in a kinder garden, he decides to leave Norway and to search for some adventure elsewhere. A new Italian acquaintance that he met at a Motorpsycho gig in Oslo invites him to Bologna, Italy. The invitation is irresistible and in early 2000 Nordgarden moves Southward to Italy where he makes his living by playing on the streets and in the tiny student bars and cafes around town. But the word is on the street of this new, Norwegian guy with this great voice and one day artist and producer Paolo Benvegnù calls him up from Florence; he eagerly wants to produce Nordgardens debut album. In 2002 Nordgarden decides to head for Florence and the heart of the renaissance. After a long and intensely hot summer and five weeks in a studio without air conditioning the record is nailed and is released on the Italian indie label Stoutmusic. The Italian press responds enthusiastically and Nordgarden is finally ready to go on the road to spread the word. The peak of that Summer of 2003 is his performance at the Main Stage at Arezzo Wave in front of a good six thousand people. In 2005, after having moved back to Oslo Nordgarden must undergo an operation to remove a benign cyst from his vocal chords that hinders him from singing and performing for a whole year. The result is an even more hungry and expressive Nordgarden. He trains his voice, writes new songs and records and releases “A Brighter Kind Of Blue” in May 2006 – a fully acoustic album where his voice is warmer, more profound and more agile than ever. Stein Ostbo at VG, Norways biggest newspaper exclaims “The closest a new Norwegian songwriter has come the timeless qualities of Ryan Adams”. The album receives great reviews in several countries on the continent and Nordgarden expands his horizon touring this time all over Europe. In 2008 Nordgarden recedes from the endless touring and heads back to Oslo once again to record his third album “The Path Of Love”. It is recorded in the studio of Audun Borrmann and Even Ormestad of Jaga Jazzist (having recorded the likes of Thom Hell, Thomas Dybdahl and Jonas Alaska). It is a more arranged album than his previous work and it has a full and rich sound of layers of keys, strings and brass. This is the first release on Nordgardens own DIY label GDN Records. Nordgarden once again receives ovations from the press gets a lot of airplay on Norwegian radio. This time he sets his eyes on crossing the Atlantic. He finds himself in the US to discover and see for himself the places of his dreams and he finally gets to play in the historical venues of East and Greenwich Village in NYC. 2012 is timeline peak for Nordgarden as he becomes father to a girl and he takes the big steps into fatherhood and great responsibility. He also releases his forth studio album “You Gotta Get Ready” which receives great reviews and attention all around Europe and allows him start touring more in Germany. In 2013 Nordgarden releases his first album in Italian – “DIECI”. All in Italian it’s paying tribute to a country that has been like a home to Nordgarden the last decade. The album is a celebration – a 10 year anniversary of his first album in 2003. The album consists of 10 cover songs written by ten of the Italian artists and friends Nordgarden has met in his ten years in Italy. In 2014 he releases his first ever Christmas single – “A Merry Old Christmas”. It gets quite a bit of airplay around Europe and reaches quickly 150.000+ streams on SPOTIFY. In 2015 he releases his first live album “Live in Dresden”– recorded live in the Dreikonigskirche in Dresden in front of an amazing and enthusiastic German crowd. The session captures Nordgardens ability to mesmerize his crowd with an intimate show. It also captures his live loops, which are so different sounding from the studio albums. In 2016 Nordgarden moves back to Norway after four years in Sicily. He releases two singles "Tears" and “You Must Be the Change” - the latter from the forthcoming album due to release in March 2017. Both singles hit center and get high rotation play on Norwegian radio NRK P1. In 2017 the second single "Wide Open Spaces" from coming album gets listed on Norwegian radio NRK P1 and is played frequently there for four months. On September 29th he releases his new album "Changes" that was recorded and produced at Studio Paradiso in Oslo by Christian Engfelt with some of the greatest musicians on the Norwegian scene today.