Alexander Rybak artist

Alexander Rybak (b. 1986) started playing music at the age of five, and soon became active on the classical music scene. Over the years, he has participated in numerous festivals, concerts and projects in various genres. In 2006, he won the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s talent show "Kjempesjansen", and the following year, he starred as the fiddler in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. For the part, he was awarded the prestigious Hedda Award. In 2009, Rybak won the international finale of the Eurovision Song Contest with the self-written sing "Fairytale". The win was historical – 387 points was a new record in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest! The album ´Fairytales´ was released that same year, and topped the charts in several European countries. In 2010, Rybak released the album ´No Boundaries´. The following year, he released ´Visa vid vindens ängar´, where he collaborated with Swedish music legend Mats Paulson. In 2012, Rybak is ready with the new Christmas album ´Christmas Tales´.