047 artist

047 has been a part of Peter Engström and Sebastian Rutgersson for close to half their lives. Peter and Sebastian met through mutual friends in 2000 they and soon realized they shared a fascination for music, vintage video games and vintage video games’ music. Together with Niklas Ström (who left the band in 2006), they formed 047 in the fall of 2001. Soon after the band released their first compilation. A 19 track Christmas album strongly influenced by the video games music of their childhood. Today 047 is no longer the obscure chiptune band it once was. Over the years, the music of 047 has evolved from minimalistic four track recordings to more complex songs with influences that go way beyond the entertainment systems and home computers of the 80’s. In 2011 Peter and Sebastian started incorporating vocals and lyrics into their music through collaborating with other artists. This made the productions more clever, the music more melodic and the genre more Pop. Taking the music to the next level. The last few years has been exciting for 047. In May 2015, they co-released the song "Förlåta Eller Svika" together with Den Svenska Björnstammen, a track that had great success in swedish radio, staying on high rotation for the entire summer, earning a gold record. Early in 2017, they will release their first album in 6 years – and this time it will consist solely by collaborations between 047 and other artists. During 2016 they released 3 singles from the upcoming album, together with the artists Charlee, Christian Kjellvander and Linn Öberg.