AdLib artist

Barely a year has passed since the funk jazz-phenomenon AdLib, of Stavanger, Norway, launched onto the record market with their EP “Maybe Attending”. Since then there have been considerable changes made to the band’s musical style: Still solidly based on steady, driving funk-grooves, intriguing melodies and spicy harmony, AdLib now moves in a more hard-hitting direction sonically, fusing jazz with psykedelia and alternative rock, whilst also being inspired by everything from pop through electronic music, and incorporating this into energetic songs with a lot of punch, leaving bite-marks on the dancefloor and footprints on the ceiling. They call it “monsterfunk”, and invite you to become familiar with the term through their two-track release “Stay Awake”, which is being let out of the cage as a taste of what one can expect from AdLib in the time to come. Stay awake! AdLib is: Simen Kiil Halvorsen (trumpet), Lage Nøst (guitar), Simen Ytre-Arne (bass), Ivar Myrset Asheim (drums).