Afenginn artist

AFENGINN, formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002 has built up a solid reputation for their virtuosity and dynamic liveshows. Influenced by folk, world and classical music, Afenginn have created their own individual style, acoustic, innovative, dynamic and doleful, which has brought them a wealth of awards and grants in their home country as well as worldwide appreciation and success. Afenginn has released six albums, played with symphonic orchestras and participated in ballet productions and performed together with local classical choirs in different parts of the world. Their latest release OPUS from 2016 is constructed like a classical symphony, consisting of four movements, each of them about 20 minutes long and interconnected by recurring motifs and rhythms. “Afenginn is a band which delivers a unique experience. They master the deep-felt Nordic blues and intelligent musical progressions, where no form of rhythm seems impossible and is added on the fly with breathtaking virtuosity.” Torben Holleufer, GAFFA magazine (DK)