Vacum artist

Being one of the early and influential punk band of the northern industrial city of Sundsvall they did not reach the fame of their contemporaries Brända Barn and Diestinct but did leave quite a mark in the punk/postpunk community. Their legacy also includes their still active label - Massproduktion. Vacum formed in January 1979 when Mats Hammerman and Stephan Segermark met with drummer Cathrine Fandén. During five intense years Vacum would do over 150 gigs all over Scandinavia, record three albums, four singles and numerous other tracks on all kinds of compilations. The recordings would take the band from short, quirky punk songs inspired by Wire and The Fall to more straightforward punk with Cathrine and Mats sharing vocals to more electronic postpunk and more experimental stuff. Most of the material on the first two album was based on ideas of Cathrine and Stephan that all the others contributed to. After the recordings of the second album - Den Sista Vintern - Cathrine and Sank left the band and was replaced with Magnus Lindh (former Rasta Hunden) and Patrik Högl. Cathrine formed synthpioneers Dockhuset and Sank went to USA to become a drummer for Richard Lloyd and later a well-known producer for Thåström and Paradise Lost. The single Dagar i Morgon was the late version of the band at its best. The constant touring resulted in the third album -Flugor och Rosor – being recorded at extreme speed in 1984. The last recording to the compilation album En samling Rock från Sundsvall 1985 shows a band that had lost direction and focus. Vacum broke up in June 1985. The band has been resurrected for gigs and recordings four times. 1993, 1998, 1999 and 2009