Dr. Arthur Krause artist

The early days 2001-2003 Dr. Arthur Krause was born in a café autumn 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden (the man behind this name was born much earlier) when he took a good look at the world. In 2001 Dr. Arthur Krause decided to form his own music project. All three members of a band called Pet Sematary became the Doctor AK band. Dr. Arthur Krause made some gigs and three selfproduced demo CDs: Maladjusted Abortion EP (2001), After Countless Troubles (2001) and Tribulations and Rare Flowers (2002). The demos were only made in 50 CD-Rs each, some sent as promo and some sold by the local record store called Dolores in Gothenburg. These demos later became rare collectors items. The main goal was to get a record deal. In late 2003 Dr. Arthur Krause signed up with the swedish record label M&A Music Art. First album 2004-2006 The debut album Before and After from 2004 was made with use of synthesizers, samplers, guitars, electric bass and the drum machine Yamaha RX5. The album was recorded on a eight-channel Roland VS-880 portable hard drive recorder. All songs were re-recorded tracks from the first demos. By the time of release both The Lady and Mr Lemon left the band. Peter Hageus joined and played his first gig with Dr. Arthur Krause at the release party along with a big doll made of paper on keyboards to fill the stage. Due to make live shows look like a real band was playing Dr. Arthur Krause searched for new members. In spring 2005 Fredrik Hell Thell an old friend of Dr. Arthur Krause joined the band on guitar. Soon after that a young man, the only 17 years old André Robsahm joined on bass. 4th of June 2005 they played live for the first time with the band at the 99festival. 2006 went out the be a year of recording a new album. Second coming 2007-2009 The release of their second album When Love Is Dead back in 2007 involved four persons in the production: Dr. Arthur Krause, André Robsahm, Fredrik ”Hell” Thell and Peter Hageus. The songs were about separations at different levels, from friends, a broken marriage and from life itself. In a way this was to be the perfect album for a production based drum machine but to go further in the same way was no longer an option. There were no clubs or events in Sweden by the time that was into live acts with gothic rock bands so Dr. Arthur Krause started a one day festival called Gothenburg Gothic Gathering (GGG) that lasted for five years. International acts like Coph Nia and Merciful Nuns played at the festival. GGG 2007 became the release gig for When Love is Dead. In mid 2008 Dr. Arthur Krause made some big changes, Peter left the band and Mattias ”Dr Fill” Axelsson joined on drums. The band was reformed to a full scale rock band. Solutions 2010-2013 With this new version of the band they started to record what later became their third CD release. The 2010 album Solutions became the real breaking point with harder and darker sound. It is however very delicately blended with frail and breathtaking soundscapes – without a doubt one of the bands finest moments so far. With this album the band was booked to the main stage at WGW 2011 along with legendaries like The Damned and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. This was the first gig outside Scandinavia and one of the greatest event and best gig Dr. Arthur Krause had done so far getting one with the audience from the first beat of Overdose to the closing song The Final Solution. Release under construction 2014 In January 9t the band entered the brand new studio Musikundret Studio in Stockholm and started to record a new album. The beginning went very smooth but due to band members illness and lots of pain by various reasons the recording process lasted to September. Some additional tracking and re-amping were made in late October. 12th October 2014 Dr. Arthur Krause released a teaser, the new single Death Row taken from the forthcoming album The Only Time She Moves and the exclusive track for this single Hang Them High. The Only Time She Moves 2016 This was the first album with music written by all members of the band and the production is the bigger than ever. This is evident nowhere clearer than in the epos Loveland and Gone Tomorrow – without a doubt one of the bands finest moments so far. Dr. Arthur Krause never hides from difficult subjects in his intelligent lyrics, ranging from abuse, bullying to politics and existenial issues. Evelina, the low-key Hanna is Safe and the suggestive Death Row, released as the first single off The Only Time She Moves are three clear cut examples.