Adastra artist

Adastra was concieved in 2001, by Olli Anttila and Teemu Kurki. The two jammed together with Olli in the drums and Teemu on the guitar and played mostly covers under the name 'Paralysion'. Santeri Vauramo joined the band in 2002 to became the bass player of Paralysion. After that, the band started to concentrate on their own material. Soon Jussi Ruokolainen asked if the boys could jam with him in his band´s rehearsal room. Afterwards Jussi was asked to become the permanent drummer of Paralysion as Olli switched to guitar. At the end of 2002 Paralysion lost it´s first member as Teemu decided to leave the band due to musical differences. At that point, the solid trio 'Anttila-Ruokolainen-Vauramo' was formed. Through the years 2003-2004 Paralysion became (at first) 'Breaker' and then Adastra. Adastra also made two demo recordings with the singer Kadarina Kenner between those years. After only three gigs and two demos later, Kadarina was asked to leave the band, because the rest of the band felt that she wasn´t motivated enough to be in the band. In year 2004 Adastra is a quartet again with Ville Siikamäki on the vocals and looking tougher than ever with the new demo 'The System Falls Apart'. In the first half of 2005 Adastra played where ever they could, receiving ever increasing positive feedback from the audiences. In June, they made a follow-up to 'The System Falls Apart'-demo. 'Adastra' was recorded in June (Studio Dauntless again). After 'Adastra', the EP 'Eyes of the Night' was made in 2006. The EP featured Jari Hartman collabrating with Olli Anttila on lead/rhythm guitar. The EP was heavy and filled with blistering solos and leads, mixing in with soaring vocals by Ville. This EP received good reviews from the media and eventually got the band a recording contract with Violent Journey Records. The recording of the album began on 10.3.2007 and the whole album took 14 days to make. 'The Last Sunset' was mixed by Santeri Salmi (Dauntless). In May 2008 Adastra began rehearsing new material for their sophomore album "Death Or Domination". The recordings and post production of the album took the whole summer of 2008. The Album was recorded at Drop Hammer Studios and Adastra´s own and infamous A2M-studio. Death Or Domination is a big step forward for Adastra and is out in December 2008.