FRiDA artist

Frida - a London based singer/songwriter from Sweden, is releasing her first single from her upcoming cover EP. She is currently studying a BMus degree in vocals at British and Irish Modern Music Institute. With influences from both the folk and country genre, she covers her favourite songs and puts her own twist to it. The four songs in this EP were carefully chosen and picked out by Frida herself, and although she put her own twist to them, it was also important to honour the originals. “These are songs I have been covering for years, and I really respect and admire the artist, so it was very crucial for me to do them justice" After being a backing vocalist for several bands, Frida decided it was time to do her own thing by singing lead, covering her favourite songs from established artists, as well as moving own to writing her own music. The EP is recorded by producer Bosse Nilsson in the studio of Melody Music Productions, where they have, with the help of talented musicians and backing vocalists, worked on the songs for the past year. The first song will be released on November 10th and will be available on all musical platforms.