Martin Romberg artist

Martin Romberg was born in Oslo, Norway in 1978. He studied classical composition with Michael Jarrell and film music with Klaus Peter Sattler. Romberg composes music in a post-Romantic tonal language, based primarily on themes from fantasy literature, the visual arts, the world’s mythologies, and comic books. He endeavours above all to find expression in the borderland between popular culture and classical music. From his base in France he has worked with close to twenty orchestras throughout Europe, together with numerous choirs and soloists the world over. He has also worked extensively as orchestrator across genres with, among others, Ulver on its "Messe I.X-VI.X" and on the arrangement of Ingolf Wunder’s paraphrases of orchestral works by John Williams, released by Deutsche Grammophon in 2012. The French editor Éditions Gérard Billaudot began publishing a selection of Romberg’s works in 2010.