Pharfar artist

Søren Schou alias Pharfar is firmly established as Denmarks biggest reggae and dancehall producer & one of the leading artists. It’s a status he has achieved with good reason. With bullish stamina he have held the flag high for reggae and dancehall long before most of Denmark opened it’s eyes to the genre. After having produced underground reggae for many years, 2005 was the year when Pharfar finally got the recognition he deserved. The walls in Pharfars Food Palace Studio in Copenhagen witness that his determined focus have paid off. The walls are covered in gold and platinum records. He has received numerous awards and top reviews for his works. Among the awards ha ave received are a Danish Music Award as producer of the year. The Award was given for his work with platinum selling debut album of Bikstok Røgsystem, in which he is also a member. Pharfar was also the primary producer for multi platinum selling Natasja (RIP) on her 3 albums 'Release', 'I Danmark Er Jeg Født' og 'Shooting Star'. Simultaneously Pharfar have produced for many of the international names of Jamaican music scene. Even so Pharfar finds the time for the odd satirical moment now and then as producer, composer and lyricist for Nik and Ras 'Fugt i Fundamentet' feat. Pharfar and Burhan G which became a public anthem in in 2011 and a much different one than the ones Pharfar usually prides himself with. Since 2008 Pharfar have been teaming up with Fresh-I under the name Donkey Sound. Together the two have started a new era within reggae / dancehall with stars such as Wafande, Kaka and Shaka Loveless. In 2013 Pharfar suprised everyone and released his solo debut single 'La' Mig Rulle Dig' which was the biggest Danish hit of the summer. 'La' Mig Rulle Dig' has recieved 3 x platinum for streaming. In 2014 his debut EP “Alt Er Godt” was released and Pharfar won two Danish Deejay Awards for his mega hit “La' Mig Rulle Dig". In 2016 Pharfar released his second EP 'Kawasaki' with the hit single 'Alt For Mange Mænd' which was on the top of the dance chart for more than three months.