Alf Wilhelm Lundberg artist

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg is the first improvising jazz musician to adopt one of the most successful modern inventions of a new musical instrument; the Brahms guitar. This extended range guitar is mostly known through Paul Galbraith's pioneering records of everything from Haydn Keyboard Sonatas to French Improssionism by Ravel and Debussy. Lundberg focuses more on his own compositions and improvisation on this instrument although also he draw lots of inspiration from classical music as well. Alf Wilhelm Lundberg is also a pianist and composer and all his work on both piano and guitar can be listened through the numerous releases by the classical meets jazz-trio Norchestra who is a a highly regarded trio among jazz critics and classical musicians. Lundberg is also one of the first guitarists to improvise in a truly contrapuntal way, documented well with his release "Christmas Improvisations" in 2013 on Acoustic Landscapes.