100 Years artist

Swedish indie-metal outfit 100 YEARS was formed back in 2012. This unique congregation, housing members from the legendary death metal pioneering and ground breaking band Merciless as well as one of Sweden's most influential and esteemed acts Dia Psalma, is one of the most interesting bands to come out of Sweden at the moment. The gloomy and desperate atmosphere combined with the delicate and the aggressive, that is the musical essence in 100 YEARS, creates a sound that really distinguish them as trailblazers within a watered down Genre. For fans of Voivod, Swans, Killing Joke and Celtic Frost. 100 YEARS S/T: The album was written, recorded, produced and mixed over the past two years by the band. A kind of celebration to rainy concrete, downfall and solitude – but in a good way. The love of emotive music in general is obvious, and the lyrical themes are not for the hippie/party hard people. Nine songs of various velocity and attack make up the album; all in a very old-people’s- grumpiness-feel.