Ohmwork artist

Ohmwork to release a double concept album in 2017 titled Alyssa Drone. Classic rock merged with metal and a trace of prog! Ohmwork are a power trio from Norway emphasizing great performance - hard hitting drum grooves, thunderous bass, heavy and energetic guitars and vocal lines with great melodies and hooks. The band is characterized as loud and bombastic with an attitude of "take no prisoners"! Ohmwork were established in April 2012. All three members with many years on their backs in different kinds of hard rock/metal bands before they joined forces. From 2013 to 2016 the band released two albums, one EP and three singles. ShadowTech (2015): "This is a good, old fashioned rock album, which is bound to get your feet tapping and head nodding. Big things are expected of these lads" (Classic Rock Society, January 2016 by MC) "From 'Burning Question' to 'Veil Of Sanity' and the seven spammers in between, nitrogen is burned up faster than the engines can fill as they fly across everything from Iron Maiden, Sabbath to Slayer back and forth. Frontman/guitarist Anders Rasmussen adds mightily to the mix with authentic seventies British metal range, not to mention his mighty blues soloing..." (9/10, Metalliville.com, December 2015 by Dave Attrill) "You can hear it in their music, sophomore album 'ShadowTech' boasting infuences such as Sabbath and Lizzy. And then there's their playing; this is a band full of the kind of swagger that's born of miles on the road and hours in the studio. They're tight, too: the kind of tightness that only three-pieces seem able to muster; the instruments practically breathing together. (Powerplay, October 2015 by Wayne Simmons) They also got critically acclaimed for their 2016 EP-release, Mother City: 5 out of 6 from both Scream Magazine Norway and TheWilhelmers.com. Ohmwork went on tour with the Norwegian metal band JORN in the spring and fall of 2013. In the summer of 2014 they played the Hungarian festival Rockmaraton. They have also been the support band for Bente Smaavik (Blonde on Blonde, Perfect Crime). Ohmwork have been playing lots of gigs in the Norwegian rock circuit over the years, including a handful of festivals such as Buktafestivalen and Sørøyrocken.