Vinny Villbass

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Vinny Villbass is one of the long time driving forces behind the Norwegian club scene. In addition to an extensive list of club nights and house parties on his conscience, he is one third of the crew behind the renown Oslo club night Sunkissed and initiator of the Norwegian web-portal OsloClubCast, building ties between the clubs, DJ’s, and producers of Oslo. As DJ, Vinny Villbass is known for his exceptional groove and timing as a result of 15 years behind the decks, mostly in Scandinavia, but also as a resident of German club capitol Berlin, and in New York City. His musical experience also reaches far beyond his 15 years as house DJ and vinyl junkie. As guitar and synth player in diskJokkeBand and a master of acoustics, Vinny Villbass´ production skills fronts his very own trademark sound of house music. In addition to releases on labels such as Eskimo Recordings, Trunkfunk and Afro Art, Villbass also has a long history of remixing. The latest years, he has been remixing Norwegian bands as diversions from his daily studio focus. "Diversions" collects a wide range of Vinny Villbass’ trademark analogue reworks, all produced at his peculiar studio collective at Grünerløkka in Oslo. Focus on each bands distinctive energy has resulted in a diverse compilation of contemporary Norwegian quality, from Norwegian Grammy award winning bands Beglomeg and King Midas, to Deathcrush, Pow Pow, Radio 9 and Lionheart Brothers, plus electropop artist Sandra Kolstad and jazz futurists Jaga Jazzist.
1. DiscoVery 00:07:48 1.20 USD
Main artist Sandra Kolstad & Vinny Villbass
Composer Sandra Kolstad
Author Sandra Kolstad
2. It's Supposed To Look Like That 00:07:15 1.20 USD
Main artist Radio 9 & Vinny Villbass
Composer Leon Muraglia
Author Leon Muraglia
3. Sonata 00:07:17 1.20 USD
Main artist Pow Pow & Vinny Villbass
Composer Thomas Aslaksen | Andreas Rutlin | Sigurd Thomassen | Per Magnus Gundersen | Even Ormestad
4. The Drift 00:08:25 1.20 USD
Main artist The Lionheart Brothers & Vinny Villbass
Composer Audun Storset | Morten Øby
5. Colorsound 00:07:39 1.20 USD
Main artist King Midas & Vinny Villbass
Composer Hansi Fritzner | Earl McNorth | Ando Woltmann | Per Vigmostad
6. Big City Music 00:10:37 1.30 USD
Main artist Jaga Jazzist & Vinny Villbass
Composer Lars Horntveth | Marcus Forsgren | Even Ormestad | Andreas Mjøs | Line Horntveth | Martin Horntveth | Øystein Moen | Erik Johannessen
Publishers Just Isn't Music
7. Fun 00:06:52 1.00 USD
Main artist Deathcrush & Vinny Villbass
Composer Linn Nystadnes
8. Zombie Tapas 00:08:03 1.20 USD
Main artist Beglomeg & Vinny Villbass
Composer Luis Cerrato | Raymond Teigen Hauger | Stein Kristiansen | Einar Thomassen Lukerstuen