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Prima Norsk 1-3 was a series of compilation CD's released on Beatservice Records in 2000, 2003 and 2005. “Prima Norsk” was a slogan for Norwegian vegetables back then, meaning something like “1st class Norwegian”. First adopted to a club concept, and then re-adopted for the compilations series. The concept for these compilations was to collect and present house-tracks from Norwegian producers, available on more or less limited vinyl 12"-ers on various European labels (some self-released), and a few exclusive tracks. Now, in 2016, the Norwegian house scene is more alive than ever, and thanks to the digital revolution, the worldwide availability is far better than it was at the time of Prima Norsk 1-3. Prima Norsk 4 is thus focusing on exclusive tracks from the vibrating scene of today. The compilation includes exclusive material from artist already familiar on the international house scene, along with fresh stuff from new names.
1. Ut Paa Diskotek Kohib 00:04:28 1.00 USD
Main artist Kohib
Composer Øivind A. Sjøvoll
Author Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll
Performers Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll | Anette Tunheim Jakobsen
Publishers Beatservice
2. Eternal Affection Part III B.G. Baarregaard 00:04:47 1.00 USD
Main artist B.G. Baarregaard
Composer Björn Gauti Björnsson
Performers Björn Gauti Björnsson
3. Snerten Morgendugg 00:05:46 1.00 USD
Main artist Morgendugg
Composer Dennis Sandoo Jr
Performers Dennis Sandoo Jr
4. Moneymaker Vinny Villbass & Ando 00:06:15 1.00 USD
Main artist Vinny Villbass & Ando
Composer Håkon Vinnogg
Author Ando Woltmann
Performers Håkon Vinnogg | Ando
5. Deep In (Your Soul) Addvibe & Jay Nemor 00:06:51 1.00 USD
Main artist Addvibe & Jay Nemor
Composer Pål Sørli
Author Jay Nemor
6. Lust Throwing Vibe Legs 11 00:06:04 1.00 USD
Main artist Legs 11
Composer Nils Tveten | Torstein Dyrnes | Sigmund Holtskog
7. Make That Move Doc L Junior 00:07:07 1.20 USD
Main artist Doc L Junior
Composer Kolbjørn Lyslo
8. Disco 4 Carina Ralph Myerz & Therese Lunde 00:06:14 1.00 USD
Main artist Ralph Myerz & Therese Lunde
Composer Erlend Sellevold
Author Erlend Sellevold
9. Grey Hears Kahuun 00:07:40 1.20 USD
Main artist Kahuun
Composer Kai Stoltz
10. Der Anfang Karl Fraunhofer 00:07:15 1.20 USD
Main artist Karl Fraunhofer
Composer Karl Markus Zavodny
11. Syklon De Fantastiske To 00:08:54 1.20 USD
Main artist De Fantastiske To
Composer Marius Sommerfelt | Ravi Brunsvik
12. Downright Deep Stuff Syntax Erik 00:05:30 1.00 USD
Main artist Syntax Erik
Composer Raymond Hansen
Publishers Beatservice
13. Dybben Leca 00:04:26 1.00 USD
Main artist Leca
Composer Ørjan Øyre
14. Spring Shake Martin Wold 00:05:55 1.00 USD
Main artist Martin Wold
Composer Martin Wold
15. Oransj Heis Joystick Jay & Fergus Murphy 00:04:48 1.00 USD
Main artist Joystick Jay & Fergus Murphy
Composer Frans Jonas Wasa
Author Frans Jonas Wasa | Simen Smith Aulie