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There is nothing like a great, upbeat pop song with an irresistible singalong chorus supported by a perfectly matching verse. The problem is that there are so goddamn many of them. And trying too hard never do the trick in our book. The term ‘democratic music’ may originate in something else, but Flunk have always related this term to R.E.M. – where the words and articulation makes it hard to completely catch Mr Stipe's words, and they were most often set to tunes and structures which never tried too hard. Which made you insert meanings and feelings attached to their songs. It’s a kind of formula, this too, but it’s something Flunk have stuck to. Most of the time. 'Petrified' is that kind of song, prototype Flunk, a formula we very often turn to. Probably because this is the kind of music we like, the kind of attitude we like, and the frame of mind we wish to pass on to the listener. So there is no way we would want to explain the song. But we hope the mood, the words, the strings, the flow will put you in a space and state of mind where you are comfortable to stay for a few minutes. In a good place. And yes, the lyrics borrow a line from Bright Eyes' epic 'Coyote Song' intro words: 'Loving you is easy, I can do it in my sleep'.
1. Petrified 00:04:19
Main artist Flunk
Composer Ulf Nygaard | Anja Øyen Vister | Jo Bakke | Erik Ruud | Ole Kristian Wetten
Publishers Beatservice