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'Outsiders' is probably the band’s favorite track on the upcoming 'Chemistry and Math' album. They did try to dress it up a lot more, but we realized fairly quickly that this is the kind of song which doesn’t need or even should be dressed up. So here it is, more or less as they rehearsed it in the very first take. The strings have been added, though, arranged (like all the strings on the new album) by bassist Ole Kristian Wetten.
1. Outsiders (edit) 00:04:08
Main artist Flunk
Composer Ulf Nygaard | Jo Bakke | Anja Øyen Vister | Erik Ruud | Ole Kristian Wetten
Author Ulf Nygaard | Anja Øyen Vister
Performers Anja Øyen Vister | Ulf Nygaard | Jo Bakke | Erik Ruud | Ole Kristian Wetten
Publishers Beatservice