Legs 11 & Hanna Paulsberg

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Legs 11 was formed when Sigmund Floyd, of Palace of Pleasure fame, joined forces with Torstein Dyrnes from the now defunct Playstation duo Tøyen, and mysterious bedroom musician Nils Tveten. During a karaoke-fuelled haze in the seedy parts of Oslo, they discovered a shared love of synth pop, post-punk, new wave and house music. In 2017 they were joined by multi-instrumentalist Audun Severin Eftevåg. Dare To Touch is the first single from the 'Another Wave' album. On this track, Legs 11 join forces with jazz sax player Hanna Paulsberg (GURLS, Hanna Paulsberg Project, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra). Pianohouse meets indie-dance meets electropop meets jazz-sax.
1. Dare To Touch (Edit) 00:03:41
Main artist Legs 11 & Hanna Paulsberg
Composer Torstein Dyrnes | Sigmund Holtskog | Nils Tveten | Hanna Paulsberg | Audun Severin Eftevåg
Author Torstein Dyrnes | Sigmund Holtskog | Audun Severin Eftevåg | Nils Tveten
Performers Hanna Paulsberg | Sigmund Holtskog | Torstein Dyrnes | Audun Severin Eftevåg | Nils Tveten
Publishers Beatservice