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ArchiPOP#2 is a collection of electro-pop and house tracks from the last few years, along with some goodies from the past. ArchiPOP is a series of curated selections from the Beatservice Records archives. Songs that have been on single/EP releases or standout tracks on albums are put together in a new and well-selected environment by label boss Vidar Hanssen. The artwork following these compilations are mirrored and manipulated architectural images from Tromsø, Norway, the hometown of Beatservice Records. The pictures are taken by German born, now Tromsø resident architect and photographer Kristina Schröder. Many of her pictures show familiar architecture in new and unusual perspectives. Archive curating + architectural manipulations = ArchiPOP!! ArchiPOP#2 is also the 200th release from Beatservice Records, and is available on a special limited celebration 10-track vinyl LP.
1. Petrified (SKL Floating Mix) Flunk 00:04:59 1.00 USD
Main artist Flunk
Composer Ulf Nygaard | Jo Bakke | Anja Øyen Vister | Erik Ruud | Ole Kristian Wetten
Author Ulf Nygaard
Publishers Beatservice
2. Ting Som Vi Gjør Peanut Holmes & Sisi 00:03:54 1.00 USD
Main artist Peanut Holmes & Sisi
Composer Eirik Blåsternes | Chris Holm
Author Chris Holm | Suzanne Sumbundu
Publishers Beatservice
3. Errand Boy (featuring The man called Fro) Mørk 00:03:34 1.00 USD
Main artist Mørk
Composer Benjamin Mørk | Lars Sandness | Frode Larsen
Author Benjamin Mørk | Lars Sandness | Frode Larsen
Publishers Beatservice
4. Dare To Tuch (radio edit) Legs 11 & Hanna Paulsberg 00:03:41 1.00 USD
Main artist Legs 11 & Hanna Paulsberg
Composer Nils Tveten | Audun Severin Eftevåg | Torstein Dyrnes | Sigmund Holtskog | Hanna Paulsberg
Author Nils Tveten | Audun Sandvik | Torstein Dyrnes | Sigmund Holtskog
Publishers Beatservice
5. High Hopes (Of Norway Short Version) Linnea Dale & Of Norway 00:03:56 1.00 USD
Main artist Linnea Dale & Of Norway
Composer Linnea Aslaksen | Kim Edward Bergseth | Carl Christian Steenstrup | Vegard Wolf Dyvik
Author Linnea Aslaksen | Kim Edward Bergseth
6. Served Chilled (short version) Third Attempt 00:04:01 1.00 USD
Main artist Third Attempt
Composer Torje Fagertun Spilde
Publishers Beatservice
7. Talk To Me (featuring Fox) (Discomix) Kohib 00:03:02 1.00 USD
Main artist Kohib
Composer Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll
Author Per Kristian Trollvik
Publishers Beatservice
8. Moneymaker (Radio Version) Vinny Villbass & Ando 00:03:17 1.00 USD
Main artist Vinny Villbass & Ando
Composer Håkon Vinnogg
Author Ando Woltmann
Publishers Beatservice
9. Diamonds F.A.C.E. & Margaret Berger 00:03:49 1.00 USD
Main artist F.A.C.E. & Margaret Berger
Composer Per Kristian Trollvik | Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll
Author Per Kristian Trollvik | Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll
Publishers Beatservice
10. My Darling Ralph Myerz & Christine Sandtorv 00:03:32 1.00 USD
Main artist Ralph Myerz & Christine Sandtorv
Composer Erlend Sellevold
Author Christine Sandtorv
11. Stardust Taigatrost 00:04:41 1.00 USD
Main artist Taigatrost
Composer Gaute Barlindhaug
Author Anette Tunheim Jakobsen
Publishers Beatservice
12. Breathe High Heeled Giants 00:03:18 1.00 USD
Main artist High Heeled Giants
Composer Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll | Helle Rydland Larsen
Author Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll | Helle Rydland Larsen
Publishers Beatservice