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Sami Soga Lavlla - Sami Anthem SinglePurchased

Sámi soga lávlla (the Sami nation song) was written by Isak Saba and published in the newspaper Sagai Muittalægje for the first time on April 1, 1906. At the Sami Conference in Åre in August 1986 it was declared The national anthem of the Samis. Arne Sørli has composed the music to Sabas poem which was approved as the Sami Anthem at the 15th Sámi Conference in Helsinki in 1992. Sámi soga lávlla has been translated into the different the Sámi languages / dialects.
1. Sami Soga Lavlla - Sami Anthem 00:06:18
Main artist Elin Kåven
Composer Arne Sørli
Author Isak Saba
Performers Elin Kåven | Odd-Erling Simensen
Arrangers Elin Kåven | Odd-Erling Simensen
Producers Johan Sara Jr | Elin Kåven | Odd-Erling Simensen