Pedro Mateo González, José Manuel Álvarez & Joaquín Riquelme

Ferdinand Rebay: Violin and guitar Sonatas - Viola and guitar Sonata Super Audio CDPurchased

This amazing release presents three first recordings, offering the opportunity to hear one of the most exciting rediscoveries in guitar music: the Austrian composer Ferdinand Rebay (1880-1953). Rebay’s style is highly sophisticated, indebted to a tradition that goes back to Schubert, Brahms and Wagner, and he stands out for having established his own unique style, melding folk music and the Austro-German compositional tradition to create works of great lyricism, maturity and organic unity, like the three sonatas included here, which establish refined and rounded dialogues in which the guitar shrugs off its usual role as mere accompanist and shares the limelight on equal terms with the other instrument. Pedro Mateo González, José Manuel Álvarez (both teachers at the Balearic Conservatory of Music) and Joaquín Riquelme (member of the Berlin Philharmonic) give performances of commanding authority and intensity of these three sonatas, ready to be rediscovered and take its rightful place in the history of guitar music.