Jon Faukstad artist

Jon Faukstad (1944), professor emeritus of accordion, was born in Heidal in Gudbrandsdalen. His radio debut was in 1962 and he has since been a regular guest on radio and television, both as a musician and as a presenter. After his studies at the University of Oslo and the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, he was, in 1972, employed at the newly-formed Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo. There, he became responsible for teaching accordion and, after a while, also gained a central role in the development of a folk music programme. He has cooperated with, and premiered works by, a number of Norwegian composers and toured extensively both at home and abroad. He is also known as a connoisseur and performer of Norwegian folk music and, throughout the course of 25 years, he worked closely with Hans W. Brimi. He has released CDs of both Norwegian original music for accordion and Norwegian folk music, including several duo albums with Per Sæmund Bjørkum. He has also published books about the accordion and its history, including Einraderen i norsk folkemusikk (The One Row Accordion in Norwegian Folk Music) (University Press 1978). Henning Sommerro’s work Five Nordic Portraits was composed for Jon Faukstad, and was performed several times with, amongst others, The Trondheim Soloists. Jon Faukstad plays a Jupiter built in Moscow 1982.